Why I love Agorapulse for Social Media Management

There are many social media management tools, but one stands out amongst the crowd more and more each year – Agorapulse.  I have used Agorapulse for Social Media Management for a few years now, and I love it.

In this post I share 12 Reasons Why I love Agorapulse for Social Media Management and why you will too.  

12 Reasons Why I Love Agorapulse for Social Media Management
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Meet Agorapulse for Social Media Management

There are many social media management tools that deserve a mention here. I have used many of them at one time or another, including Sprout Social, Hootsuite, and Buffer.

I won't go into their features here. They are solid choices.

But I switched to Agorapulse a few years ago now and it has been my No 1 choice for social media management since that time.  You can read about some of the feature comparisons between Agorapulse and other platforms here.

But for the purposes of this post, I want to just focus on Agorapulse so you can consider it as a tool in your arsenal.

In fact, it could literally be the main tool in your arsenal! Agorapulse is kind of like a Swiss Army knife of social media management.

Only, it doesn't have too many extraneous features that you never use, making you think “what's that used for?”.  It's practical, no-fluff and super easy to use.

Before we dive in, watch my comprehensive video review here:

Dare I say, it's even fun (but we'll get to that).  Let's take a look at 12 Reasons why I love Agorapulse for social media management!

12 Reasons Why I LOVE Agorapulse for Social Media Management

Oh and before I begin… I should mention that I don't necessarily use EVERY single function at the same time. I do use a couple of other tools for some functions. But I love that Agorapulse has a suite of features that really do cover most of your social media marketing needs.  

In fact, I have been gradually moving a lot of the features I use on other tools over to Agorapulse.  It's hard not to want to stay “in” this tool as it is so user-friendly and fun to use.  I have also taken on a brand ambassador role with Agorapulse since writing this post.  The post has been updated but my genuine love for this tool and the fact that I can't do without it in my toolbox has not changed.  

The Agorapulse Team and Culture

Let's start here.  Because without this, the rest of the things I love about Agorapulse mean nothing.

Customer service is at the core of business at Agorapulse. If their customers are happy and using their tool in the best possible way, (and they get results), then everything falls into place. Their team focuses on customer experience more than anything else.

Agorapulse also listens to customers about what works, what needs improving and what they can build next. So, you are not just a customer but part of a company where your voice will be heard. In fact, many of the current features that I am about to talk about came from customer recommendations and feedback.

Caring about customers is why Agorapulse has shot up the ranks as one of the social media management tools with the best reviews and customer satisfaction.

Feature Overview

I've outlined all 12 reasons why I love Agorapulse below, but let's start with a video overview of their recent (awesome) update – then I'll break down the key features.  There's a lot to like:


Impressive, right?  Let's jump in and take a closer look at the features of Agorapulse:

1  Inbox Zero

There is nothing better than seeing this:

Agorapulse Empty Inbox - Zero Inbox
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This is what I see on a regular basis with Agorapulse.

Unlike some other social media management tools, Agorapulse has just one column for me to respond to notifications and mentions.

To me, that's “one job” to finish each day.  And it's actually almost enjoyable to clear out my inbox.

It's focused, it's simple and it is super easy to use, so you won't miss a mention!

Here's an overview of the dashboard:

Agorapulse Dashboard is made for engagement with your followers - never miss a mention again.
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As you can see above, the Dashboard gives you an easy-to-navigate view of:

  • Your accounts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and even YouTube.
  • Your inbox (where all the posts you need to review or respond to can be found).  Your inbox items are highlighted as items To Review for each platform.
  • Tabs for Listening, Publishing, Fans and Followers, and Reports.
  • An area for engagement where you respond and engage via likes, retweets or replies.

You can also click on a user's profile to expand it. You'll then see all the information you need – right within Agorapulse (including any previous interactions). Just like you can see here for Nicky's Twitter account:

Expand profile for history and more information on Agorapulse
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Expand a user profile to see your history!

Just one click and you can see if you have a history with the user and the conversations you have had before.  This means you can give the right people the right attention at the right time.

Let's break this down a little more…

I can easily see how many mentions and DMs I have in my inbox. If I am looking at this tweet from Ravi, I can see how many tweets I have to review and I can review or respond to his tweet.  It's the same for other social channels – all of your engagement is in one place.

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Never miss a mention in your inbox!

I know, I know, my inbox is not empty in this screenshot. But it will be when I have finished writing this post!  I don't always get to inbox zero every day but I get there often enough to LOVE that “Congratulations” screen!

It's easy to check all your mentions.  You can even filter by message or mention type as follows:

Filter your mentions based on type
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Then simply review the posts you have replied to or dealt with.  Once you reply to a post, it is automatically marked as reviewed.

Or you simply click on a post to review it without replying.

In the following example from Nicky, I can choose to reply (or reply by DM), review the post, assign it for someone else (more of that later), retweet it or “like” the post – all from within the same dashboard area on Agorapulse.

You can engage in many ways with Agorapuse (ie reply, retweet, like, comment
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Choose how you will engage or process the mention or message.

If I switch to Instagram, for example, it's similar. I can see all of my recent engagement, I can expand on posts or see more information about a user. I can also follow and unfollow.

Checking engagement on Instagram
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Easily switch between platforms and accounts to keep up with engagement!

Being able to see ALL of your comments is handy on Instagram, where you usually can only see the last 50 mentions on your feed. If you have a high number of followers it's impossible to keep up with mentions.  Agorapulse changes all that which is huge for influencers and brands.

Excited?  Now you can engage with ALL of your mentions, even if you are a little late getting to them.

And of course, I can also easily engage by switching to Facebook as well.

Access everything you need on Facebook within Agorapulse
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Note:  You can engage on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube – keeping your conversations going in real-time! 

Agorapulse keeps all of my engagement in one place. I rarely miss a mention (rarely.. let's face it, I'm not perfect).  Regardless, it often brings me back to:

Agorapulse Empty Inbox - Zero Inbox