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Donna Moritz | Socially Sorted

I'm a travel, cacao and mojito loving creative mother of two with a wicked imagination… and a passion for helping businesses leverage the power of visual social media.

I want you to share your message with the world

(and shhh don't tell anyone but I love that I can help you get more traffic, exposure and results for your business while doing it!)

Photo of Donna Moritz, Visual Social Media Strategist

Donna Moritz – Visual Social Media Strategist

I get a buzz out of helping you use cutting edge social media and visual marketing strategies to share your message.

When you get results from using visual social media in your business, I am happy!

My Background?

I fell into social media from an 18 year background in communications. It's a speech-therapist-turns-founder-of-international-working-holiday-slash-recruitment-agency-and-works-out-how-to-use-clever-visual-marketing-offline-and-off-kind of tale. I won't bore you with the details but suffice to say:

  • I love a great mix of relationship marketing, social media, customer service and visual marketing. The combination is a winner every time.
  • I love thinking outside of the box.  Even better I love trashing the old box completely.
  • I love practical, useful marketing advice that works.
  • I have “in the trenches” experience both as an owner of two successful “bricks and mortar” businesses and a third (this one) that has an online (and offline) presence.
  • I have 18 years experience in relationship marketing, customer service and communication.  I was made for social media.
  • And I love sharing all of the above with you.

Based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia (yes, it is heavenly), I founded Socially Sorted two years ago and I am proud of the social media and visual marketing agency that it has become.

My articles have been featured on some major business and social media websites…

..Some of which I am now a regular contributor for (how lucky am I?)

My difference

I am fast becoming known as the Visual Marketing Queen.  I help my clients and readers use simple, visual marketing strategies that work.  Coupled with the power of social media and marketing strategies that work, my “visual” approach is what I am known for.  It is a big part of how I have helped clients:

  • launch programs successfully
  • build engaged communities
  • have their content shared thousands of times
  • make sales!
My blog

The blog here at Socially Sorted is my social media home base – my mothership.  I practice what I preach. It is where I love to share great ideas that are easily actionable for your business.  Expanding in 2014 to a small team of hand-picked guest writers, I write the majority of posts, and will continue to do so.  Be sure to subscribe to my Weekly Wrap (social media updates) if you want to stay in the loop. There is a sign up box on every page of this blog!  And I love comments.  I respond to every one of them.  Please say hi.  Don't be shy!

Who works with me?
  • I consult for large companies on social media strategy. I also consult for small-medium businesses on social media strategy.  The size may vary but often the challenges and solutions are the same!   Note:  due to demand this will be scaled back in 2013 as we grow our team and we develop some awesome online training programs for you. Stay tuned!
  • I have been asked for contribution and comment to articles and editorial for major marketing agencies and associations including the American Marketing Association and the Australian Spinal Research Foundation. 
  • I have been featured as an expert speaker on the topics of Social Media and Visual Marketing both in Australia and overseas.
  • I love talking about anything involving the shift to Visual Social Media.
My thoughts

Business and marketing strategies haven't changed all that much.  They are still rooted in a great message, great customer service and a great product.  As long as you are giving people what they want, helping them with a problem or giving them the answer to their challenges, they will come back for more.  The tools we get to play with to convey that message have changed though, and the way in which we convey the message has also changed. No longer are we solely in a “push” marketing environment where we send out a marketing message and hope it reaches the right person.  If we build communities around our message, people are drawn to us because of our content, our message and our product. The benefit? We are already talking to the right people who are interested in our business.  No need to “push”.   I always come back to one question – how can I help you with your challenges.  That question alone, drives this blog and my business.

I'm in the trenches with you!

With an offline bricks and mortar business still in my family,  I have my feet very well grounded in what works for business.  That's why I love visual social media strategies.  Note that I said visual social media? Around here we do things a little differently. Which is how I like it, because I want you to get the best chance for your business to be seen above all the noise.

I test and measure.  Whatever I do with my own business or with clients I track. I want to know that what we do works and if it doesn't, then why, and how we can improve it.  When I am not writing or training, I am in the trenches of real businesses testing our strategies.  A lot of what I write about on my blog are real case studies!

I Love Feedback

If my content ever stops being entertaining, useful, or even just a little bit ninja, please tell me. I don't like writing for the sake of it. There's no point in wasting your time or mine! If you can't take something useful away from my posts, newsletters, or updates, then I need feedback from you!

Socially Sorted | I help you share your message | www.sociallysorted.com.au

I am known for sharing great content right here on my blog as well a social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest (you can find me on all of these by clicking the links at the top-right).  But can I let you in on a little secret?  

My best stuff can be found in my Weekly Updates.

So if you want in on a weekly summary of my blog posts and a weekly, actionable strategy (or 2 or 3) then be sure to sign up to receive the Weekly Wrap.  It's easy. Just:

  • drop your first name and email in the box above (top right).
  • I will send you my best stuff.  By that I mean my best content, ninja strategies….the tips I don't usually share publicly on social media.
Thank you sooooo much for dropping by.

Enjoy this site, and come and say hello wherever you like hanging out…be it here, Facebook, Twitter….I like to meet you were you are most ‘at home'.

Donna Moritz.

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