7 Top Pinterest Tools for Business

Pinterest is one of the top sources of traffic to websites, so let's talk about Pinterest Tools for Business that will help you leverage it!  Pinterest has huge potential for businesses who are using this engaging visual platform more and more as part of their overall marketing strategy. 

Here are 7 Fabulous Pinterest Tools that are worth checking out for Your Business.  Many are free to use or have free versions so you can get started right away! 

7 Top Pinterest Tools for Business to start using now!
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7 Top Pinterest Tools for Business to start using now!
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By Donna Moritz | Updated on 15 July, 2018 | Contains Affiliate Links.

This post was recently updated to reflect new tools available in 2018.  Please note that I am an affiliate partner for tools listed in this post and as such I will receive an affiliate commission should you use my link to purchase (at no cost to you). 

Why is Pinterest Traffic Important?

Traffic in general has become harder to earn in the past couple of years.  When it comes to free traffic Facebook in particular has become harder and harder to generate organic reach on and other platforms are following suit.  Not so much on Pinterest!

There is still plenty of opportunity for growth, traffic and conversions on Pinterest. And if you read this post, you would know that Pinterest is more like a search engine than a social platform, so if we have the right Pinterest tools for business, we can optimize our results with this platform.

Here are 7 Pinterest tools for Buisness , that I am using right now. Since using many of these tools, Pinterest has become my #1 Source of Traffic.  That's bigger than Facebook in terms of sending traffic to my website.

7 Powerful Pinterest Tools for Business

These are the Pinterest Tools for Business that I am loving right now, in no particular order. Many are free or have free versions so you can get started right away!

1. Pinterest Save Button

Avid “pinners” are pinning content from websites and blogs in huge numbers.  If you do nothing else, then I suggest at the very least that that you install the Pinterest Save button. It really is a no-brainer when it comes to Pinterest Tools for Business.

7 Top Pinterest Tools for Business to Use Right Now!
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7 Top Pinterest Tools for Business to Use Right Now!
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Image from Pinterest

According to Pinterest, the Save button boosts your brand’s presence on Pinterest. Once you add it to your website, visitors can easily save any image to Pinterest. One one person shares the image to Pinterest, then other Pinners can see your content and share it too! It's a simple, cyclical effect!

Even if you are not actively sharing content to PInterest (yet.. by the end of this post hopefully you will be) adding this button to your site is vital to allow free sharing of your visual content. So make sure you have at least one highly shareable visual on every page of your site that's important.

Let the pinning commence!

2.  Tasty Pins – WP Tasty Plugins

Tasty Pins is one of my favourite Pinterest Tools for Business. It's a WordPress plugin and allows you to optimize your images for shares to Pinterest.  I think I'd be lost without this tool and I've only been using it for a few months.

With Tasty Pins you can optimize your images for sharing, keeping your Alt-Text and Pinterest descriptions separate and also being able to add hidden images that appear when Pinners try to save your images to Pinterest…. and more!

Tasty Pins Plugin - 7 Top Pinterest Tools for Business to Use Right Now!
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Tasty Pins is very easy to set up and use. Simply add it to your WordPress site or blog. There are a number of functions that it achieves:

  1. Add Pin Descriptions so that they show up in Search . With Tasty pins you can add keywords and hashtags and optimize your images for search.
  2. Optimize for SEO by Optimizing Your Alt Text.  The idea of Alt Text is that it describes your image to Google with text. As a default this usually also doubles as your Pinterest description. However, Pinterest changed things up when they returned hashtags to the mix. We wanted to add hashtags to our description but if that same description is your Alt Text it looks kind of messy for Google. In other words, while it's important to include hashtags for Pinterest search, it's not ideal to have them showing up in Alt Text. By using WP Tasty you can add a separate, ideal description for Pinterest. No longer do we have to choose between Optimizing for Pinterest and optimizing for SEO. Now we can do both!
  3. Hide Pinterest-Specific Images.  The Plugin allows you to add a hidden Pinterest-specific image on your blog post. For some bloggers (myself included) it's still worth keeping a  PInterest-optimized image on the blog post. My theory is that it reminds avid pinners to pin the image. I know that when I see a Pinterest optimized image it reminds me to pin! However the function to hide your PInterest image is still an awesome Pinterest tool for business because it gives you options. You can also add multiple images to your post if you want to give more choice.  This is a great idea if your post becomes popular.
  4. Block the Pinning of Specific Images. Often we end up with images that are not optimized for pinnning – maybe they are square or small.  Not every image is perfect for Pinterest.  In this case, you can use Tasty Pins to disable “saving” to Pinterest for particular images. It's all about making sure the BEST content is shared from your site.
  5. Adds  a Pinterest Hover button. In #1, I talked about Pinterest's save button – this is the equivalent to that. You can set this feature to work from within Tasty Pins.

Tasty Pins costs $29 USD per year, and you can purchase and download it here.  From my perspective, it's well and truly worth the cost.  I'll be continuing my subscription for sure.

3.  Tailwind

Tailwind App - 7 Top Pinterest Tools for Business to Use Right Now!
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I use Tailwind as one of my key Pinterest Tools for business. It's probably THE key tool that I use. It's the only way I can manage scheduling dozens of pins to Pinterest every week – I just don't have time to do it manually.

Tailwind allows me to easily create a posting schedule. It actually tells me the optimal times to post. It's all based on my audience, current engagement, traffic and more.  This means that I can (pretty effortlessly) share multiple images or Pins at once. I can also pin directly from Pinterest using the chrome browser extension if I so wish.  Tailwind comes with super helpful analytics so I can always be sure what is working on Pinterest for my business.

4. Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind takes Tailwind to the next level. It's Tailwind on steroids.

Tailwind Tribes helps you and team members get more Pinterest traffic and reach. Tribe members help each discover the best “fresh” and then share that content to amplify the reach of content for everyone in the group. It's a handy tool to have in your arsenal of Pinterest tools for business.

Here's an overview of how it works:

Tribes have two key benefits. They give you and Tribe members a constant stream of great content to share. They allow you to reach more audience members because the whole Tribe is sharing each other's content.

Everyone in the Tribe shares content as a group. Each Tribe is based around a particular topic that everyone is interested in. Take my Tribe for example – it's based around Visual Content. Other Tribes are usually based around a key topic or area of interest.  Tribes work because:

  • Tribemates all add a continuous stream of content to the Tribe.
  • Tribe members agree to share content from others who post content in the Tribe (and agree not to post Spam).
  • Tribe members are required to share a minimum number of posts before adding more content, so it's “fair” and encourages everyone to share content.
  • As a result all Tribe members get exposed to new audiences… and their audiences get exposed to new content too.

To be honest, I love Tribes more than Pinterest Groups – because people have an incentive to share.  So you know that your content is likely to get some shares.

Ready to try Tribes?

The best part is that you can get started for Free.  You just need to open a Tailwind (for Pinterest) account. You are able to join up to 5 Tribes for free. You can make 30 content submissions in one month in those Tribes.

If you want to join more Tribes you just need to purchase  “Power Ups” to submit more images/pins every month. They start at $5 per month.

You can get started with Tailwind here on their Plus plan. It's just $15 per month. This includes the ability to schedule pins and gives you access to awesome analytics.  I truly believe that Tailwind + Tailwind Tribes is a winning combination.

But wait, there's more….

5.  Tailwind SmartLoop – Automated Pinterest Marketing

Tailwind SmartLoop is a game changer when it comes to Pinterest tools for business.  With SmartLoop you can automatically republish the looping of Pins using Tailwind. If you're looking for Pinterest for Business tools on steriods… this is it!

How does SmartLoop work?

SmartLoop gives the opportunity to pin (on repeat) a selection of hand-selected Pins – you can pin from your own Boards, from Secret Boards or from Group Boards.

Looping allows you to schedule Pins across a set of Pinterest boards that you choose. Pins are recycled after they are posted and you can choose the way in which they loop (ie how long between repeats).   This allows your content to be discovered more on PInterest and ensures your best content is shared regularly.  Which means more Pinterest traffic.

Here's how you loop a Pinterest Board using Tailwind SmartLoop:

Use the “Quick Add” feature which allows you to share an entire board. You can also filter your content to quickly select the specific Pins that drive back to your website. You can also filter by hashtag or keyword.

SmartLoop ensures that you always save your own fresh content to Pinterest – not RePins.  As I mentioned in this post, Repins are not as valuable as fresh pins according to Pinterest. Pinterest actually wants us to share fresh content. Anything that is a Repin is considered lower quality content.

Add Seasonal Content to SmartLoop!

Seasonal Content can be leveraged much more easily with SmartLoop. Need to share your Christmas pins leading up to December?  Load up a holiday loop with your Christmas-sy pins and only share them for a period of time between pre-set start and end dates. Like this:

Tailwind Smartloop - 7 Top Pinterest Tools for Business to Use Right Now!
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Then you can easily add a new seasonal pin at any time of year!  Whatever the Celebration from Halloween to Easter – this is a super useful feature!

This video shows you how to set up Seasonal Loops:

What about the Pinterest Rules?

Tailwind is an approved Pinterest Partner so you can rest easy knowing that they won't do anything that will risk that partnership – Smartloop is approved by Pinterest as a Pinterest tool.

Saying that, some sites have been shut down by Pinterest in June, 2018 for not complying with Pinterest's Guidelines for 3rd party tools. One of these tools, BoardBooster, was shut down for non-compliance with Pinterest's rules because it allowed automated looping. SmartLoop is different in one key way – it's part of Tailwind.  Tailwind won't break Pinterest or Board Rules in order to provide you with something cool like SmartLoop. 

SmartLoop does allow you to customize your looping so that it fits the guidelines of each particular Group Board you are pinning to (remember each group is different).

It's pretty easy to set up the group rules in SmartLoop for each board you are sharing content to, so you don't have to worry about breaking any rules.  Here's an example of the Group Rules:

How to Use Board Rules on Tailwind Smartloop - 7 Top Pinterest Tools for Business to Use Right Now!
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And here's a video showing how not to break the rules:

Just remember that if you are manually pinning to Tailwind it adds additional Pins to the group boards over and above what you share in the Smartloop, so you need to factor this in, so you don't “over-pin”.  

SmartLoop's Analytics

SmartLoop has awesome analytics. You can see how each Loop and the pins within the loop are performing. You can also rank them from worst to best in terms of Pinterest traffic and engagement.

Underperforming pins can be easily changed by changing up the hashtags and description to something fresh.  You can also create new pins to replicate those that are performing well to get new, fresh content out there.  

Here are some things to love about Tailwind SmartLoop:

Tailwind Smartloop features - 7 Top Pinterest Tools for Business to Use Right Now!
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Tailwind SmartLoop allows smarter scheduling and resharing of already pinned content on Pinterest. And Tailwind keeps your account safe while you do it.  

What does SmartLoop cost?

In this case, you need to have a Tailwind Plus plan to use SmartLoop. Tailwind Plus starts at $15 per month or $119.88 annual lump-sum payment. You also get the scheduling tool and analytics for free.   For most of us, this is well and truly enough to get started.

You get 250 looped pins on the Plus Plan.  One looped pin counts when it is scheduled to 1 board.  So if you loop a pin to multiple boards you need to count each time any of them loop in one month.

You can trial Tailwind for FREE before purchasing. You can now schedule 100 scheduled pins in the trial.

If you fall in love with Looping you can buy Power Ups for SmartLoop. Currently the prices are discounted in beta phase but likely to go up later. Power Ups begin at $4.99 per month or $59 per year, paid annually (currently discounted by 50%).

Remember, Pinterest wants you to be consistently Pinning. SmartLoop helps you do that with your content. It also sends quality Pinterest traffic back to your site and is one of the most exciting Pinterest tools for business available now.

6.  Easil

There are many Pinterest images out there that you see on Pinterest, and on Pinterest Group Boards so it can be hard to stand out. So I am always looking for tools that will allow me to create stunning visuals that stand out on any newsfeed.

Easil is one of my most used Pinterest tools for business – I use it every day.  It has thousands of stunning social media images with edgy, modern designs (including Pinterest templates) to choose from.

Pinterest Templates on Easil - 7 Top Pinterest Tools for Business to Use Right Now!
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You can use Easil to create awesome content for sharing on your blog and into Tailwind Tribes and Tailwind's Smartloop.

Here are some killer Easil Pinterest templates in action:

You can also create infographics in a snap! Add them to your posts for more stunning options for sharing.

Infographic Templates on Easil - 7 Top Pinterest Tools for Business to Use Right Now!
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Even with all the awesome features, the templates alone are enough to make you want to switch to Easil for your Pinterest-optimized images. It's an essential member of my Pinterest tools for business.

And you're doing your part to keep Pinterest Groups and Tailwind Tribes FULL of great, attractive content.  You can start a trial with Easil today, here, with a free upgrade to Plus level.  

7.  Pinterest Search Features

Pinterest has a swag of tools and features to help you succeed with Pinterest.

I also recommend that you check out this post from direct advice from the team at Pinterest. You'll find out about internal tools, the algorithm and how to succeed with your Pinterest Strategy.

Pinterest Search is one of them. Pinterest is actually more of a search engine than a social media engine – it's THAT powerful with search.

There are 3 ways to be found on Pinterest:

  1. The Pinterest Smart Feed – This is the algorithm that Pinterest uses to decide how to rank your content or pins, based on the search terms that are used.
  2. Hashtag Search – Pinterest’s hashtag search is really similar to other platforms.  You can search for any hashtag, or click a hashtag in any board or pin description to find content.  Pinterest has said stated that they will return the most recent pins on any hashtag search so that's useful to know.
  3. Follow Tab – This is a new feature on Pinterest that helps more of your followers find you. Pinterest will distribute content to the people who follow your account and your boards. This is an awesome way for followers to see content from the people they follow on Instagram… including you!

Try to optimize for Pinterest search across the Smart Feed, Hashtag Search and Follow Tab – just like Google search. Some of the Pitnerest tools for business in this post will help you a LOT to do that. Also you should try to:

  • Add rich data to your pin descriptions including keywords and keywords phrases around the topic.
  • Add keywords to Pinterest Boards as well as to the pins themselves.  This includes board descriptions AND board titles.
  • Use #2 (Tasty Pins) to add hashtags to shareable images on your blog. Have content ready to share.

With all of these Pinterest Tools for Business, you have firepower behind your Pinterest Strategy. So get ready for more Pinterest shares, traffic and referrals!

Your Turn

Do you use any Pinterest tools for business?  If not, which ones will you try?

7 Top Pinterest Tools for Business to Use Right Now
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7 Top Pinterest Tools for Business to Use Right Now
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Shutterstock: Retro Girl with Donuts by By Ekaterina Jurkova

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