7 Top Pinterest Tools for Business – Part 2

With the rise and rise of Pinterest over the past few months, we have another round of Pinterest Tools to share with you. 

7 Top Pinterest Tools
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Due to popular demand, here are another 7 Tools for your Pinterest ToolBox

If you missed my first post about some Top Tools for Pinterest you can check them out here

Here are 7 more great tools that are worth checking out and adding to your social media toolkit.

1  Pinterest Mobile App – I know it sounds simple, but to be honest this is the one tool I use the most.  Personally, I find the trick to pinning is to do it in short bursts. Because, let's face it, if I sit down in front of my laptop with a warm cup of coffee and get all comfy…I will end up in a Pinterest Vortex and stay there for hours. Sooooooo….. the mobile app allows me to do a little repinning while I am out and about…waiting in line, between client visits.  It is one very handy little tool. Download it on to your smart phone now!

2  Pin My Info – I like this little tool as it gives you another way of sharing content on Pinterest.  It pulls in your other social media sites and creates “pinnable” images to showcase them on Pinterest – another way of integrating Pinterest with your other platforms and driving traffic.  Clever.

3.  PicMarkr – Another great little tool that allows you to add a custom watermark to your photos.  Why add custom watermarks?  To preserve the integrity of your “custom designed” pins – even if the links are altered for some reason, users can still find your business or website.  Find out more about protecting the integrity of the source of your pin here.  

4. Pinstamatic – Pinstamatic has just become my new best friend for creating custom quotes, and quirky little pinnable items like music clips, featured websites, post it notes, map locations and even showcasing twitter profiles that you love (I just started a board on my Pinterest account called “Tweets to Follow”).  It also has an image filter to create funky effects on your photos.  Love. Try Pinstamatic now.  You will be instantly creative!

5. SnagIt – Another recent favourite of mine as I have upgraded to SnagIt on my computer and loving it.  It allows you to create images with words, pictures, icons – whatever you want really – like a little mini graphic design studio. Worth adding to your arsenal (and great for designing screen shots and how-to images for your blog.

6.  Instagram – Yes, I know, Instagram needs no introduction, but seriously, it is one of the most useful tools for creating original images to use online.  If you have a smartphone and an instagram account you can create your own “stock photos” to use any way you like.  Coupled with SnagIt or any other graphic design program, you can add quotes, information, tips, watermarks to your photos and use them to pin information.  Also remember, that many people will pin your blog posts, so having a great image for them to include as the “pinned image” is paramount. Instagram allows just about anyone to make their images look great.

7. Spinpicks Spinpicks is still in Beta Testing but I like the sound of it!  I have just started to check it out.  Basically it connects your social networks and brings you (as they describe it) a “highly addictive one-click discovery of eye candy from a variety of visual platforms like Instagram, Twitpic, Bo.It, Flickr, Reddit, YouTube and PicPiz.  SpinPicks filters content and doesn't pull spins from sites like Google.com, Bing.com and other image search sites to help reduce the number of improperly attributed images, which helps to ensure that you're only seeing quality content that can be re-shared.”   Check it out. I am liking the sound of it already!

Bonus Tool!  http://url2pin.it/ – I found this one just as I was writing this post, so I had to add it. It is simple really.  If you want to take a screen shot of a website, this tool will do it for you easily. Like I said. Simple, for those times when you need a quick image of  a website and you don't have a clipping too.

Your Turn!  What is your favourite tool for pinning …and which ones will you try?  


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