7 Canva Creators to Follow (Amazing Canva Templates)

Who are Canva Creators? Well, chances are you're already using their templates to create awesome visuals using their Canva templates in Canva. In this post, you'll meet a few of my Canva Creator friends and learn how to find awesome Creator content.

7 Canva Creators to Follow (Amazing Canva Templates)
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What is Canva Creators?

If you've ever used Canva templates to create stunning visuals, you've already benefited from the work of Canva Creators. These talented individuals contribute templates and element designs to Canva's extensive library, making it easier for over 135 million users (and counting) to create beautiful content.

Check out the full walkthrough video to accompany this post about Canva Creators:

Canva Creators come from all corners of the world, creating content in multiple languages, making it a truly diverse and global community. The Canva Creator program has been running since mid-2020.

I was invited to join the Canva Creator program in October 2020 and I am grateful to have had my designs used by Canva users over 11 milllion times in that 3 year period (mind > blown). As a Canva Creator Canvassador for the program, and a top 50 Canva Creator (or “Super Creator”) I can proudly say that I am a huge advocate for Canva Creators and the benefits it brings to both designers and users of Canva.

So I wanted to share some of MY favorite Creators so you can follow them too!

What can Canva Creators design for the Canva library?

Creators are designers who create either:

  1. Canva Illustrations, elements and graphics
  2. Canva Templates

Some Creators create elements, some create templates and some create both! You've likely used both Canva Creator-made elements and templates in your designs. From corporate to neon, from minimalist to organic, from presentations to T-shirt designs, from Instagram to Pinterest, from Halloween to Christmas… there are Canva Creator templates for every occasion. 

How do Canva Creators Earn Money?

Canva Creators are paid a royalty payment every time their templates or elements are used, exported, downloaded or printed by Canva users. So, their body of work in Canva is an important asset, and one that they spend hours crafting. There are world-class designers in the Canva Creators program that really do make the Canva library one of the best places to get quality templates for just about any project.

In today's post I want to introduce you to some of MY favorite designers in the Creator program – Creators I love and look up to, so that you can discover and love them too. And I will share tips on how to discover their incredible templates.

Finding Canva Creator Templates

Now, you might be wondering how to find these talented Canva Creators and explore their templates. It's easier than you think:

  • Search by Name: You can easily search for your favorite Canva Creator in Google. Simply enter their name into the search bar + Canva and they will usually rank highly in search on Google.
  • Follow Creators: Once you discover a Canva Creator's profile, you can click the purple “Follow” button. This not only allows you to stay updated on their new content but also helps you discover more of their templates throughout Canva as you will be shown templates or designs from Creators you follow on your home page. Here is my Canva Creator Profile as an example:
How to use the Follow Button to follow Canva Creators
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Hit the purple button when logged into Canva to follow a Canva Creator.

PS I'd love for you to follow my profile if you like what you see!

  • Explore Canva's Templates Page: Canva's templates page can be found here. It's a hub for discovering templates across various categories, themes and document types. You'll also see templates suggested for you, trending templates, and more from Canva Creators you follow!
Canva Template Page for discovering Canva designs.
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Check out Creators You Follow on the Templates Home Page!

  • Click on Templates: While working in Canva you can find out more about a template in the Side Panel. Click the three dots to access more information about that template. This includes the Creator's name which you can then to use to search for the Creator's profile. Note the option to “view more” templates in that document type by the same Creator:

Click to find out more about a Canva Creator template in the Side Panel
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Canva has just released Collections so now you can check out collections of up to 50 templates on a Creator's profile (rolling out to all profiles at the moment). These collections can be organised according to theme, topic or document type…. or just about any combination that forms a collection. Here is how it looks on my Creator profile:

Socially Sorted Canva Creator Profile - showing Featured Templates and Collections
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Creators can feature specific templates and showcase Collections of templates together!

Collections can be around a particular topic or templates for a particular business type:

Spa, Hair and Beauty Collection on Canva Creator Profile
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or they can be based around seasonal content… there are many types of collections to discover on Canva Creator profiles:

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Find more Creator Collections here.

Another cool feature is that you can now search for keywords to find specific content in any Creator's profile like this search for the keyword “Halloween”.

Halloween Creator Collections
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Hint: use quotation marks to ensure specific search if searching for multiple keywords, like “real estate”.

Now that you can see a few ways to follow and find content from Creators, let's take a look at 7 Creators that I love and admire:

Meet my Top 7 Favorite Canva Creators

Here are 7 of my favorite Creators (and this was a hard choice as I love so many of them!). Please check out their profiles and follow them, as they would appreciate your support.

A note about language and regional content:

The following Creators all create Canva Templates in English. I am focusing on global “English” templates as that is what I see in my profile with my setting as “English”. But if you are in a region or country speaking a language other than English, you will see Creator content in your local language. Canva is committed to growing the library of assets in multiple languages and regions.

1. Lina Kukulskė – 9 Inch Ideas (Lithuania)

Lina brings versatility and a fun vibe to her templates. From the latest trends to seasonal designs, her templates are not only visually appealing but well crafted with engaging messaging. She's one of my favorite copywriters in the program and she's also one of the most fun Creators I know, with a great sense of humor. 

Lina Kukulskė Canva Creator Profile - 9 Inch Ideas (Lithuania)
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Follow Lina's Canva Creator Profile here

2. Aleksandra Chubar (Ukraine)

Aleksandra's profile boasts plenty of modern, minimalist and photocentric templates with cool photo collages, calendars, mood boards and more. Her designs are elegant, professional, on-trend and easy to edit for non-designers.

Aleksandra Chubar Canva Creator Profile - 9 Inch Ideas (Ukraine)
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Follow Aleksandra's Canva Creator Profile here.

3. Roger Coles – My Social Designer (USA)

Roger's templates are a blend of professionalism and fun. Known for his blend of humor + quality design skills, Roger creates social media templates, seasonal designs and professional templates with some of the coolest copywriting in the Creator program.

Oh and he can sing too, did you know? Roger is known for being the voice behind some of Canva's ad campaigns and live events. Definitely follow him!

Roger Coles Canva Creator Profile - My Social Designer (USA)
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Follow My Social Designer's Creator Profile here.

4. Brigitta Ryan – Take Care Creative (Australia)

Brigitta's Canva Creator templates are filled with vibrant colors and creative typography. She excels in seasonal content, holidays and celebrations worldwide and creates content for a range of industries and template types. Her templates are easy to customize for non-designers using Canva.

Take Care Creative Canva Creator Profile - My Social Designer (USA)
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Follow Take Care Creative's Canva Creator Profile here.

5. Lucie Sindelkova (Czech Republic)

Lucie's designs exude elegance and beauty. Her templates are recognisable for their classy, modern style with a focus on elegant color palettes, fonts and illustrations (she is an element creator too!). Her templates are easy to customize and perfect for any project you need with a feminine vibe. Did I say that she creates awesome, unique seasonal content too (think Christmas to Halloween!).

Lucie Sindelkova Canva Creator Profile - (Czech Republic)
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Follow Lucie's Canva Creator Profile here.

6. Tanya LeClair – So Swell Studio (Canada/Australia)

A Canadian recently relocated to Australia, Tanya's is a talented designer. Her modern templates cover a wide range of document types in Canva, from social media to posters and presentations. She excels in creating collections of templates, making it easy for users to find cohesive designs for different purposes.

Tanya LeClair Canva Creator Profile - So Swell Studio (Canada/Australia)
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Follow So Swell Studio's Canva Creator Profile here.

7. Deborah Parker – Mookoo Design (Australia)

Known for a fun, feminine vibe and focusing on templates like invitations, menus and social posts, Deborah is also able to create professional templates with a corporate vibe. Put simply, she is super versatile and can create in a multitude of styles. And her real love is being an illustrator so you will see more and more elements coming into the Canva library.

Fun Fact: Deb was my designer for years (and still is, because she's so talented!). I referred her into the Canva Creator program as I knew that she would be an asset to the Canva library. And I was right… Deb has created some awesome templates and elements for Canva users to take advantage of.

Deborah Parker Canva Creator Profile - Mookoo Design (Australia)
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Follow Mookoo Design's Canva Creator Profile here.

Love these Creators? Be sure to follow them on the links above to see more of their content in Canva.

Applying to Become a Canva Creator

If you're a designer interested in becoming a Canva Creator, you can apply by visiting this link. You'll need to add a link to a design portfolio or body of when when you apply. I recommend that you include some Canva designs in your application. I share more tips on how to get noticed or accepted into the program in this video here.

Note that the Creators program may not be open in all regions at all times, so keep an eye on Canva's updates and apply to get on the waitlist for your region.

Wrapping it up

Canva Creators play a crucial role in enhancing your Canva experience by providing high quality templates and elements that spark your creativity. Whether you're an aspiring Canva Creator or a user seeking amazing templates, the Canva Creator program has something for everyone.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know some of my favorite Creators and learning how to discover their work. Remember to follow your favorite Canva Creators, stay updated on their content, and keep an eye out for more exciting developments in the Canva Creators program.

Happy Designing and Stay Creative!

7 Canva Creators to Follow (Amazing Canva Templates)
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