5 Creative Instagram Accounts that will Blow Your Mind

There are creative Instagram accounts and then there are the kind that are SO creative you literally can't look away.  

In this post, I share 5 Instagram accounts that will blow your mind with creativity

… and a few things you can learn from them for your own business. 

Get some inspiration from these 5 Creative Instagram Accounts for your own business account (and blow your mind in the process!)
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There are many types of images and video that draw us in and make a great creative account on Instagram.

From vibrant colours to beautiful photographs to quirky animations… there is so much visual goodness to be found on Instagram.

For this post, I wanted to showcase a few creative Instagram accounts that literally send me into a visual vortex!

And I know, I know, I usually teach something in my posts… it's not all about visual gratification.

So there are tips too.

Let's take a look at each account – and some tips for how to get inspired by these creative instagram accounts and create content for your own business.

No, I don't expect you to do the amazingly creative and artistic things THESE Instagrammers do…. but that doesn't mean you can't take their lead and get creative with different types of content!  

5 Creative Instagram Accounts

1  @AlexaMeadeArt

Put simply, Alexa Meade paints directly onto people.. and their clothes.

The effect is a living, breathing canvas.

In fact some of her people look so much like paintings it's hard to pick that it's a real person – especially if they are standing still.

I spent waaaaaaay too long trying to pick a single image to show you.

I went with this one as it's one of my faves (yes the guy on the left is real).  He's painted, but not a painting!

A photo posted by Alexa Meade (@alexameadeart) on

I'll see you on the other side of this account – it will be some time before you come back to me.

Seriously, grab a drink, put your feet up and visit Alexa's account. You'll be there for a while.

But in case you don't have time, here's another one… insane, right?

Just around the corner…

A photo posted by Alexa Meade (@alexameadeart) on

I can't explain how much this account fascinates me.

This is one of the best creative Instagram accounts I have seen.  I could look at Alexa's “paintings” all day.

Here's some tips for how you can be creative too:

Be creative on your own Instagram Account:  

Take your followers “behind the scenes”.  If Alexa didn't show the process of her paintings we probably wouldn't believe her at all!

By including some before and after posts, or showing the process of painting a person (clothes and all), she draws us in.

People want to know how you do stuff.

Or.. if you really want to turn your images into a masterpiece in seconds, use the apps Prisma or Artisto apps.

(You can thank me later).


2  @Pinot

I like to draw. I'm not exceptional at it, but people who ARE exceptional at it… they fascinate me.

When it comes to creative instagram accounts, this one by Pinot Ichwandardi blows my mind!

Both for amazing hand-drawn illustrations, but also for these insanely creative (how in the heck do you do that?) 3D drawings on video.

Here's one:


He also does some cool things with drawing on images for Instagram stories. Check it out:

Making Instagram Stories about Kluk the chicken in NYC.

A photo posted by Pinot Ichwandardi (@pinot) on

Be creative on your own Instagram Account:  

Sure, I have NO idea how to do those 3D drawing videos, but I do know how to draw on an image in Instagram Stories.

It doesn't take much to add a quirky doodle, add a sticker or a few words.

“Drawing” doesn't have to be perfect on Instagram Stories, so just get stuck in and have a go. You might find your inner @Pinot!


3  @redhongyi

Red Hongyi is a lady who knows how to milk every last creative drop out of any living or non-living object. She creates with literally…everything!

Like the cut-off end of a piece of celery. She calls it “celery stamping”.


Check out her Insta-feed for all the weird and wonderfully awesome creations.

She totally deserves to be in this list of creative Instagram accounts.

Be creative on your own Instagram Account:  

Don't be afraid to try something different!

Just because nobody else has painted with the end of a piece of celery, doesn't mean that you can't.

For instance, you could display your products in quirky ways.. using everything from lego-minifigures to time-lapse video with Hyperlapse.

Look at what other people are doing, take ideas from it, then find your own celery-flavoured twist!


4  Edgar_Artis

Food, Glorious Food.. makes for great instagram accounts. We know that.

But what if you take that food and turn it into fashion? And what if you add other types of everyday objects to your couture?

You get @Edgar_Artis an Armenian Fashion Illustrator.  Here's just one of my faves:


“Miss. Bean” ?? made with beans ? what do you think about it ? ? …

A photo posted by EdgaR_ArtiS (@edgar_artis) on

And another account that I love (just to send you down the rabbit hole even further) is @groehrs – creating fashion out of food.

Be creative on your own Instagram Account:  

Don't let these creative instagram accounts put you off!

It's easy to use what's around you and create great visuals.

Here are a few ways to turn a mundane image into a cool Insta-pic or Insta-vid:

  • use an app like Prisma to add a “painting effect” to your image. It makes everyday objects look like art.
  • find a cool background
  • look up… or down… taking a photo from a different perspective can really change how an image looks on Instagram.
  • add some white space around it – images with lots of space and air catch attention on instagram.

And be on the lookout for interesting objects and backgrounds.  If you can't make them shine, use an app!


5  Liss Letters

Melissa Smith (“Liss”) has become somewhat of a “hand lettering phenom” in the last 12 months over at Liss Letters.

From the minute she started to video her lettering and “freestyle calligraphy” adventures, something clicked.

It was probably the sound of thousands of fans going into a lettering trance (like seriously, it's hypnotic to watch).

I'll just leave these right here. See you in a few hours.

This one showcases our awesome city of Brisbane … and the process behind how Liss creates digitally.

Be Creative on your own Instagram Account:  

Not everyone starts out with mad hand lettering skills.

Even Liss (who is, admittedly, a savvy creative) spent hours and hours practicing and learning the art of hand lettering.

But if you do something well, if you have a skill to share or a message to tell – you can take two important lessons from Liss:

1  Show the process – people LOVE to see how you do “that thing you do”.

2  Use video. Liss had a strong following on Instagram but when she started to “show the process” with video, her following went crazy (from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand).

Are you ready to have your MIND BLOWN with these 5 Creative Instagram Accounts? You'll be scrolling for hours .. and there's tips for your business too!
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Over to You

Did you go down a Rabbit Hole of Creative Instagram Accounts?  Which one?

If you have a fave account to share, leave it in the comments below. 

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Donna Moritz

Visual Social Media Strategist at Socially Sorted
Donna is a Visual Content Strategist and founder of Socially Sorted, listed by Forbes as a "Top 5 Social Media Blog You Need to Know About". Donna helps brands leverage the power of visual storytelling and content strategy in their business. Her content has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Inc. & Entrepreneur and she is a speaker and trainer on visual content for the marketing and tourism industries internationally.
Are you ready to have your MIND BLOWN with these 5 Creative Instagram Accounts? You'll be scrolling for hours .. and there's tips for your business too!
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  1. Mel Kettle

    They are AMAZING. Thanks Donna. There are some remarkably clever and talented people in our world. Am looking forward to playing with Prisma and Artisto. I also just listened to your poddy with #BusinessAddicts and learnt a few more tips. Thanks xx

    • Donna Moritz

      Awesome Mel – yes there are some crazy talented people out there! And so excited that my friend Liss is doing so well. Glad you are enjoying the Podcast – it was a fun one! And those tools are insanely fun… they make us all look great haha.

  2. James Alderman

    Wow… Melissa Smith (aka “Liss”) is super talented. This type of content is what I call aspirational content – brilliant for selling the best features of a product or service. Oh and @mel_kettle:disqus – Prisma is awesome – have fun with it! 🙂 Thanks for sharing Donna.

    • Donna Moritz

      Yes she’s awesome for sure (and a lovely local Aussie with 6 kids believe it or not so I am excited she is doing so well). I love Prisma too and so excited to see they have video now!

  3. mcerikat

    This is such a fun creative article Donna! I had no idea some of these amazing artists even existed. Thank you for sharing!

    I was wondering if you have any favourite instagram/online accounts that you like to follow for everyday inspiration?

  4. Grégory Mancel

    Thank you Donna for this post ! What do you think about Zach King Instagram account ?


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