3 Instagram Apps to Make Visual Content Stand Out

Instagram puts it simply:  Capture and share the world's moments.  

There are many tools out there that help you to capture great images on your smartphone and edit them ready for Instagram.

This post features 3 Instagram Apps that can help you to feature those “moments” and create visual content that stands out on Instagram.


3 Instagram Apps to Make Visual Content Stand Out
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3 Instagram Apps to Make Visual Content Stand Out
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I love that Instagram is both a tool and social platform wrapped up in one. In fact Instagram has one of the most  highly engaged communities on the Internet – attracting as much as 10 x more than that of Facebook and Twitter. I wrote about my love for the platform here.

Instagram allows you to “take us with you”.

If you can tap into the “people” and moments behind your business, the behind the scenes shots, the sneak peeks and the story behind your products you will do much better than if you simply post about products and services.

Think about what content does well “natively” on Instagram.  Post as if you are taking us around on a “day in the life” tour with your mobile phone – people want to know your story.

Here are 3 Instagram Apps that can help you get creative and stand out a little with your visual content on Instagram:

3 Instagram Apps that Make Your Visuals Stand Out

#1  Little Moments App

If you have not yet heard about the Australian Blogger Fat Mum Slim then you are about to.  

Chantelle Ellem founded the blog Fat Mum Slim and later launched the highly popular Photo-A-Day challenge in January 2012. Since that time millions of photos have been shared around the world.

Participants follow along with Chantelle's quirky daily prompts at the hashtag #fmsphotoaday.  She was also recently crowned the Most Clickable Woman in Australia (a pretty cool title, hey?).  

This year, Chantelle launched the new iPhone Instagram App called Little Moments. #littlemomentsapp.  Do you think this App will fit in with the whole “Capturing the World's Moments” Mantra of Instagram?  Yup.


Little Moments App by Fat Mum Slim
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Little Moments App by Fat Mum Slim
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Little Moments App helps you to capture life's moments on Instagram.


Not only does Little Moments include prompts and featured photos from Photo-A-Day,  but it also comes fitted out with its own cool set of filters (designed by real photographers on Instagram), fonts, colours, quotes and icons.

You can crop, edit and add fonts and all sorts of fun stuff.

It's a great app to have in your visual content creation kitbag, and I highly recommend you check out Photo a Day too – it can be lots of fun and will allow you to play with Instagram more and see if it is a right fit for you!

And if you are already on Instagram, it can help you to gain followers and expand your reach.  

The App can be used purely as a took kit for “adding to” or editing the images you take… and helping them to stand out. And if you are interesting in playing along,  you can input settings so that you are sent the daily prompt for Photo-A-Day.

So go and test it out – you can grab it here.  You can also read more about it on Chantelle's blog here



#2  Videohance

Videohance is the new offering from the team at WordSwag (my favourite typography app for creating awesome text-based quotes and tips and adding awesome overlays).

If you know me, you will know that I mention WordSwag a lot. A lot.  But I digress.

The team at WordSwag didn't want us to be restricted to just images, so they have taken some of the magic over to short video with Videohance.

Let's let their video do the talking:

Need I say more?  Videohance is a great Instagram App that does to videos what WordSwag does to Text. It makes them beautiful.

Get it. Play with it. Make beautiful videos.

PS Experiment with Instagram Video. We are all so busy that a 15 second video on Instagram can be just as effective as a full 3 minute YouTube Video. Get the app and get creative with it!


#3  Flipagram

Most of you would be familiar with Flipagram. Especially if you were awake at the end of 2013. A swag of Flipagram slideshow tributes to 2013 swept over the internet celebrating the year that was.

From personal Flipagrams to brands, everyone was doing it.  Here is an example of one from Universal Studios recapping their 2013 experience:

You might think of Flipagram as just a bit of fun – add a bunch of photos, some music and let them fly through on the screen.

But clever brands are using it to tell their brand story.

A slideshow of images can create an emotional connection with your audience, even if it is just a handful of them – and it doesn't have to be fast paced like Universal Studios above.

You can use as few as 2 images per Flipagram or as many as you like, and you can set your video to be 15 seconds (suitable for Instagram) or longer at 30 seconds.

Think about impact.  Just a few images can be just as powerful as dozens of images…and slow transition can be more powerful than rapid transition of the images.

And of course, remember when adding music to make sure you use music you own or have copyright permission to use if using to promote your business.

Start thinking outside the box.

Ways to use Flipagram to make your visual content (and brand) stand out.

  • Go behind the scenes at your company (a sneak peek, behind the scenes, what happens in your day)
  • Showcase your local region or destination (if you are a travel organisation or destination marketing organisation you could get very inventive with this!)
  • Show a new attraction or menu or introduce a new team member
  • Share images of customers using your product or service in fun ways
  • Tease about an upcoming event, product release or campaign
  • Crowdsource a video from your fans
  • show a tip, strategy or procedure that you are an expert in that helps your audience…in 15 seconds!

The ideas are endless!  Just remember to “capture life's moments” and use your visual content in creative ways to stand out on Instagram.

What about you? Are you drawn to video on Instagram? Or are you a traditionalist and like to stick to photos?  If you have used any of these apps or have seen them used in creative ways, I would love to hear your comments below!



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