3 Graphic Design Mobile Apps for visual content (in your pocket)

Looking for easy graphic design mobile apps for visual content creation? In this post I share 3 apps for visual design to put content creation in your back pocket – so you'll be creating stunning visuals in no time.

3 Graphic Design Mobile Apps for Visual Content Creation
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Just a few years ago we were reliant on high-end programs like photoshop (or paying a designer) to create beautiful visual content to post across social media channels.

Times have changed.

These days you, your team (and your clients!) can get smart with visual content creation by using intuitive graphic design mobile apps, including amazing typography and image creation tools…all on your mobile phone.

So let's take a look at some of (in my opinion) some of the best graphic design mobile apps for creating images on a phone. Bear in mind they won't be the cheapest and these are paid tools, but they are definitely the best option if you want a great set of features and apps that are designed to use on a phone.

Or put it another way… if you are one of those people that is always asking “is there an app for that?” or saying “I do everything on the phone”, then you might consider paying for one of these apps.

I have posted about great graphic design mobile apps before, and this very post has now been revised twice! But apps change, new technology brings new functionality so it was time for a review.

And HOT TIP: One of the best places to go for inspiration and to see what is capable with these graphic design mobile apps… Instagram. The smart visual content app companies know that an engaged instagram presence is a great way to showcase what their tool can do. So check them out below (and their Instagram accounts). Here they are:

3 Killer Graphic Design Mobile Apps for Visuals

1. Canva Mobile App

Canva's mobile app is definitely now a front runner when it comes to graphic design mobile apps. If you are a Canva user, this is a super helpful app to carry on your creations on mobile – it's easy to use and is a perfect companion for the desktop tool.

Canva mobile app - 3 Graphic Design Mobile Apps for visual content
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Canva on Mobile is my top pick for a graphic design mobile tool!

Here are a few things I love about the Canva Mobile App. Firstly, you can see your “dashboard” in a very similar way to the desktop app. This includes seeing a range of templates to choose from:

Canva Mobile App Homescreen - 3 Graphic Design Mobile Apps for visual content creation
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You can also easily open any of your existing designs and continue working on them via mobile:

Canva Mobile App Your Designs - 3 Graphic Design Mobile Apps for visual content creation
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I love that it's super easy to find elements, photos and videos, just like on the desktop app. In fact, if you've used Canva on desktop, you'll find it quite intuitive to work on the mobile app:

Canva Mobile App Graphics - 3 Graphic Design Mobile Apps for visual content creation
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And you can do all the usual things with all the usual features, like folders and searching for images or videos or graphic elements. Even your brand kit:

Canva Mobile App Functions and Folders - 3 Graphic Design Mobile Apps for visual content creation
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You can even create and edit detailed designs like Infographics. Thought personally, I prefer to create more intricate designs on a desktop computer. But it's nice to know you can easily jump in and fix an icon or some text on an infographic if you need to:

Canva Mobile App Infographics - 3 Graphic Design Mobile Apps for visual content creation
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You can even use features like animations on mobile. It's VERY much like using the desktop … but on a phone!

Canva Mobile App Image Editing - 3 Graphic Design Mobile Apps for visual content creation
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And here are a few more features to love about Canva's Graphic Design Mobile app. I highly recommend that you upgrade to Canva Pro (get 45 days free trial on Canva Pro with my affiliate link). Here's what you can access in the app:

  • you can start from scratch in the app or edit an existing design.
  • Thousands of templates across dozens of categories to choose from. Including my templates in the Canva Marketplace. Check them out here (follow to get notified for new ones).
  • unlimited access to millions of high-quality photos, icons and illustrations with Canva Pro.
  • Resize your images in one click.
  • Save your brand colors, logos and fonts with Brand Kit
  • add animations to your designs (animate elements or text
  • Collaborate as a team to share and edit designs with friends or your team.
  • jump back into your design from anywhere – desktop, mobile or ipad.
  • share to social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or more.
  • and so much more!

With everything in the Canva app, it's super easy to design, element and create your visual content. With access to thousands of videos, elements, photos and templates from a whole range of designers on the Canva Marketplace, it's now my #no 1 pick for an all-rounder mobile app, because it keeps getting better and better.

But it's still worth checking out these next two apps, as they have been long-quality apps that you should consider as part of your toolkit to see which one is the best fit for you:

2.  Go Daddy Studio (previously Over for Mobile)

I've recently updated this post to note that Over (my favorite mobile app) has been acquired by Go Daddy and is now called Go Daddy Studio. I'm happy to leave the app here for now as it's still the same app, features and templates. The quality of Over was so good, I'm praying that they maintain the quality!

Over mobile app - 3 Graphic Design Mobile Apps for visual content
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Get Go Daddy Studio App on mobile…

I have always loved Over's (now Go Daddy Studio) layers and funky fonts.  They also keep on top of fun trends like Instagram Story Stickers and story format.

There are literally thousands of graphic elements, images, designer-quality templates and more in Over. And they have a desktop version as well as a mobile version.

Unfortunately Go Daddy has closed the Over Instagram account shortly after acquiring the app (why they did this completely baffles me as it was a HUGE account filled with very inspirational design examples). But for now you can still follow them on their Go Daddy Instagram accounts.

A few features of the mobile app to love are:

  • a video feature to integrate video with your designs – layer videos with images, graphics and text, adjust brightness/saturation/contrast of video and use blending with typography.
  • add text and graphics to photos and videos.
  • choose from thousands of professionally designed custom templates
  • customize templates with colours, captions, graphics and fonts.
  • choose from Story templates, Facebook posts, banners, logos and more.
  • Post directly to Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels.
  • Pricing is on a subscription basis – monthly or annual payments with varying levels of data storage based on subscription. You can start with a 7 day free trial.
  • There's also a “Teams” subscription that allows you to collaborate with other team members on designs.

Go Daddy Studio app is available on iOS, and Android too which means everyone can try it and add it to their toolkit of graphic design mobile apps.

3.  Picmonkey App

PicMonkey app is the baby of the awesome photo editing tool Picmonkey that has been around for years! They've consistently maintained their place as one of the best desktop visual design tools and also an easy-to-use graphic design mobile apps. Hence, it's staying on this list.

Picmonkey was probably the first tool to start the “DIY Design” trend, allowing us to move away from Photoshop to creating our own visual content that didn't look like it was made with Clip Art.

Picmonkey mobile app - 3 Graphic Design Mobile Apps for visual content
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Picmonkey has a lot of Photoshop-type options and cool effects to incorporate into your images and the app has carried over some of those features.  It's great for enhancing photos quickly and easily.

What I like about what PicMonkey did when they launched their mobile app, is that they choose the super fun elements of their main desktop app and added them in a “tappable” way to the app.

This means that they didn't try to add the whole kitchen sink but instead aimed to streamline it and add just a few of the key functions, rather than trying to include everything.

The picmonkey app is really all about beautiful photo editing.  It's a perfect accompaniment for Instagram when you want to give your photos a lift.

Take for example this image. I used one of the many fun features – layers – to create the final effect. You start by uploading an image:

apply filter with the Picmonkey App - 3 Graphic Design Mobile Apps for visual content
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Choose from a number of filters

I can then choose to add a black and white layer:

add a black and white layer with Picmonkey visual content app - 3 Graphic Design Mobile Apps for visual content
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It's easy to add a separate layer!

Then you can use the erase tool to peel back the layer:

Erase effects with your finger on the picmonkey app for visual content effect!
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Use your finger to rub back the layers!

and then you have the finished effect:

Finished effect with picmonkey app. - 3 Graphic Design Mobile Apps for visual content
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All finished!

Did I tell you that Picmonkey also does curved text, layers, has a drawing tool and many more cool features? Some features  It's not on the app but it's on their web-based desktop tool which is pretty cool).  You'll find loads of ideas for typography and photo editing on their Instagram account:

Here are just a few of the features to love in the Picmonkey mobile app: 

  • photo editing
  • templates and designs – add text and graphics to photo and video
  • sticker maker
  • touch-up tool
  • background eraser
  • draw, erase and adjust transparency on everything
  • add overlays
  • tons of graphics and fonts to choose from
  • export posts directly to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • Pricing is on a subscription basis – monthly or annual payments with varying levels of data storage based on subscription. You can start with a 7 day free trial.

Over to You

Now you have no excuse to not start creating your own original, shareable images with these graphic design mobile apps, right?  Tell me in the comments below – what App is your favourite for creating images on the go?  

3 Graphic Design Mobile Apps for visual content creation
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