10 Social Media and Business Tools I Can’t Live Without

Time is money they say. Social media can be a time-suck at the best of times. But what if you had access to social media and business tools and systems that not only save you time but bring you more traffic, shares and sales?

In this post I share 10 Social Media and Business Tools and Systems that were game changers for my business. All of these tools can optimize your business while literally shave hours off your week.

10 Social Media and Business Tools I Can't Live Without by Socially Sorted
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I'll say it. I suffer from overwhelm big-time some days.  And it always stems back to lack of time.

Without time, and without a system for using my time more effectively my business just doesn't run.  It splutters and struggles and goes nowhere. Actually, that's not completely true… it goes somewhere… around in circles.

I've shared a lot of Visual Content Creation tools with my community, but today I want to share these Social Media and Business Tools with you.  With these tools in place, my business has changed dramatically.

I would go so far as to say these tools are time-saving, freakin game-changers – in terms of driving traffic, shares and sales.  They changed everything.  And I would go bat-shizz crazy without them.

The best part? I started using most of these tools within the last two years.  That's what I love about them.  They are game-changers. And they can change your game fast.

I won't kid you.  I would hold on to for dear life if you tried to take these tools from me. In an embarrassing, crying out “nooooooooo” and stomping my feet kind of way.

Here they are:

10 Game-Changing Social Media and Business Tools

#1  V-Cita 

To start with a calendar tool might seem a little dull and boring but ….wowzers. Things changed when I started using this tool.  I wish (so much, oh man, so much) that I had this tool earlier in my business.

I used to do a lot of consulting and being able to schedule (and receive payment) for consultations without all the email and phone tag would have saved me hours.

10 Social Media and Business Tools I Can't Live Without - V-Cita
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With V-Cita you will never get caught in a game of email scheduling tag again!

Excuse me while I go into a corner and grieve a few lost hours (days..?!!!!). But… you can take advantage of it now!

There are two ways I wish I had used “calendar tools” earlier.

  • They chunk (and protect) your time by syncing with your existing calendar
  • They reduce decision making and back-and-forth emails and phone calls re scheduling.

Revenue increased immediately when I used V-Cita to schedule client consults. Although I don't do many consults any more, it was a game changer. Clients could book (and PAY) instantly for a skype consult, plus it syncs with Google Calendar to only show the times you have free.

Then, as your profile grows, check out Calendly to make it easy to schedule meetings, podcast interviews and more!  No more time wasting and focused time blocks = more revenue!

#2  Lead Pages

When I finally got serious about growing my list of subscribers, I was lucky to discover Lead Pages while it was still in Beta. I use it every week without fail!
The templates are super easy to use to create everything from lead magnets to webinar landing pages and replays, cheat sheets and sales pages.  I honestly don't think I could build my subscriber community without it and wish I used it earlier!
10 Social Media and Business Tools I Can't Live Without - Lead Pages
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Lead Pages is a tool worthy of any online business arsenal.
PS You no doubt have heard of Lead Pages but if you are sitting on the fence, then check it out here.  I don't think I could do a lot of what I do in business without using this tool.  It's like a wing-man.

#3  Ontraport

Once you attract a new (awesome) subscriber you need to have them go somewhere so you can provide them with awesome content!  That place is a quality email marketing tool.  I use Ontraport.
10 Social Media and Business Tools I Can't Live Without - Ontraport
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Use Ontraport to Systemize and Optimize Your Business.

Ontraport is not your beginner level entry email tool. And it's not super cheap, starting at $79 per month (I have the $297USD per month version).

But it's the tool that has allowed me to systemize my business, create repeatable systems and automate a lot of tasks that previously took me ages.  (and stick with me as I have a cool option to get a piece of the Ontraport action for the price of a meal).

When I first started out, I used Aweber and it was great for a couple of years (I know Mailchimp is too).  But there comes a point where you need to switch from a list-based email system to a database email system.

This is where you can start getting savvy about segmenting your list, automating certain sequences, sending content to the right people, creating some amazing rules and sequences that pretty much let you look at your subscriber community in a whole new way (and serve them better with great content).

Ontraport allows me to:
  • attract subscribers
  • follow up
  • get paid (it has an inbuilt shopping cart!)
  • fulfil orders and provide customer service
  • host my online programs
  • track progress, generate reports etc.
  • create repeatable systems so I can do more of what works…easily!

and take a dang break from sitting at the computer!

Subscribers complete my free video training about visual content, receive follow up content and choose to join my programs all via Ontraport (and without me having my hands “in my business” every day).

Again I don't know how my business would operate without it.

It's not the only robust email automation software available – there are others like Infusionsoft. I know many people who use one or both of them.

But the thing that I loved about Ontraport is the ease of use (it's not complicated) and the fact that it includes so many things as standard that other systems don't (like membership programs and shopping carts), and the stellar customer service. I have never had a problem that I couldn't jump online and “chat” about.

You can check out Ontraport here.


#4  Deadline Funnel

I can't rave enough about evergreen products and systems for selling them.  There comes a point where you have to take your hands off the process of selling the program so you can focus on the content for your members!  Deadline Funnel is a tool that allowed me to do just that.

10 Social Media and Business Tools I Can't Live Without - Deadline Funnel
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With Deadline funnel,

Deadline Funnel provides countdown timers that are automatically personalized to each visitor. It's like they are in their own mini-launch.  Sales tripled when I installed this system, as the deadlines are real and the system works automagically.  While. On. Holidays.  You can use the timers on emails and webinars too, so it's super versatile and works really well with

While. On. Holidays.

You can use the timers on emails and webinars too, so it's super versatile and works really well with Lead Pages!


#5  Wisestamp 

There's one “marketing opportunity” I see many people skip – and that is their email signature.

Did you know that you can save time, by not updating multiple signatures across multiple products and emails? You just need to install Wisestamp.

10 Social Media and Business Tools I Can't Live Without - Wisestamp
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Wisestamp allows you to:

  • Create a standard email signature that shows across all of your website email addresses.
  • add social network buttons
  • change out your signature to promote your latest book, blogpost, promotion, webinar and more!
  • Check out the Awesome/Pro plan to remove Wisestamp branding and to get unlimited signatures and more features.

Think about it. How many emails do you send every day. Are you promoting yourself as well as you could be? If not, check out WiseStamp!

#6  BuzzSumo 

BuzzSumo, put simply, enables you to see quickly what content works well and is getting shared the most in your industry.  Then… you do more of what works!
It also helps you to see who the major influencers are around an industry or topic – it's this kind of insight that means that BuzzSumo is an integral part of my business.
10 Social Media and Business Tools I Can't Live Without - BuzzSumo
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Enter your keywords “visual Content” and BuzzSumo displays the most shared articles
In my business, I use BuzzSumo for:
  • searching in keywords/phrases to see what has been popular on other blogs
  • find out who is producing the most shared content around a particular topic
  • find trending content to share around a particular topic (a new feature)
  • receive alerts around my name, business, content
  • the reports are fab!


 #7  AgoraPulse

There's no better way to summarize what AgoraPulse means to my business. I'll let you hear their tag line for that:


Never miss a tweet, message or comment.
10 Social Media and Business Tools I Can't Live Without - Agorapulse
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AgoraPulse is a simple to use, affordable social media platform and I love it. I've used many platforms before like HootSuite and Sprout Social, but I have settled nicely into using AgoraPulse.
The very reason I started using it was because I couldn't keep up with mentions, tweets, and comments.
AgoraPulse has that covered.
Some of the features that I love about AgporaPulse include:
  • Management of all of my social media engagement in one place for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Super useful reports.
  • Run contests, quizzes and promotions
  • a focus on getting to “inbox” zero!  AgoraPulse's inbox-like layout means it is easy to see what you still have to respond to.
  • easily find out who is engaging with your content and who your brand ambassadors are – AgoraPulse's user profiles also allows you to quickly see who is an influencer.
  • work in teams – easily assign tweets and messages to team members to get stuff done!

If you are looking for a new take on social media management – check out a free trial on Agorapulse. It's like having a social media agency in your pocket. And if you need more help from an actual agency, they have put together a social media services directory to scale things up. 


#8 Wave.Video

I love Wave for creating video content. It's the perfect tool for taking an idea and turning it into social video content in minutes. Here's a video walkthrough so that you can see how it works. Visual is best:
Or you can read the full review post here.
From Wave's templates, to their content calendar, to moveable text on videos, to being able to add stickers to video and their huge library of video and stock images… there are so many ways that I love Wave.  Give it a spin here.

 #9  Tailwind

I love Tailwind right now for the simple reason that it shaves hours off my PInterest marketing.


10 Social Media and Business Tools I Can't Live Without - Tailwind
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I'll admit it. Before Tailwind, my Pinning was a little ad hoc – but now, with Tailwind, I can:
  • schedule my pins
  • schedule Repins (an awesome feature allowing me to share multiple pins from other accounts without doing a pin-bomb on the Pinterest feed.
  •  pin visual content from any website easily and quickly by using the Tailwind hover button.  It's like having a little helper follow you around on the web. It's everywhere!
  • get user-friendly analytics that provide a quick snapshot of my most repinned pins, my top repinners and new followers.
  • get reminders about optimizing certain Pinterest Boards. For example, if I have forgotten to assign a description or category to a board, Tailwind so graciously reminds me!
  • Tailwind keeps track of my domain pins (ie any visual content being shared from my website) so I can see organic sharing that is occurring. This provides valuable insights into what my blog readers are sharing from my blog, as well as insight into the type of content and visuals that resonates with them.

Check out my full review of Tailwind App here:

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It's like having a Pinterest marketing expert in your pocket.  Definitely audition Tailwind (there's a free trial) for your social media tools collection.


#10  Canva

This is one tool I totally wish I had available 4 years ago when I started my business.


Canva is a DIY Design Tool that allows anyone (no matter how creative you are) to create great-looking visual content quickly and easily!


10 Social Media and Business Tools I Can't Live Without
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Canva's templates are amazing (everything from social media images to slide presentations). In terms of revenue it has not only saved me time and money to be able to quickly create visual content, but it has been a daily, integral part of growing my revenue.


The images, slide decks, infographics, and social media images I produce daily on Canva have been used for landing pages, online paid programs, webinars, sales funnel content and cheat sheet/free downloads as well as presentations for paid speaking. And of course I use them on social platforms.


HOT TIP:  If you are just starting out on Canva, consider doing their tutorials. They are super simple, short tutorials that you literally complete in Canva – it will have you creating professional looking visual content in no time!


And with Canva Pro (allowing teams to better collaborate and do amazing things with Canva) and now being able to do things like add video to your designs and animate them… you're only limited by your creativity.  You can get started with Canva here.

What about you?

Have you used any of these tools?  Let me know if they are new, if you are already using and love them or if you have some awesome tools of your own to share!  Leave a comment below.


This post contains affiliate links. Please know that I only choose to share and recommend tools, programs and services that I use and benefit from (and love) in my business.  Because I want you to love them too. 

10 Social Media and Business Tools I Can't Live Without by Socially Sorted
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